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Abdominoplasty operation is the procedure that we recommend for an deformed abdomen after gaining and losing weight excessively. For those who have loosening and stretch marks in their abdominal region due to their stubborn fats, the fastest and most permanent solution is abdominoplasty. People who have no time to do workout can combine abdominal fat removal and skin loosening treatments to gain a flat belly. If you want to solve your abdominal loosening and fat problems forever, please contact us.

Tummy Tuck Process
  • Duration of operation: 4-6 hours
  • 2-nights hospitalization
  • Fit for those over 18.
  • Applied under general anesthesia.
  • Low complication risk.
  • Can be applied in all seasons.
  • Recovery period is 1 week.
  • Fit for different operation combinations.
  • Permanent Results
What is it called abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty, that is, abdomen tightening operation is a surgical aesthetic procedure. Applied under general anesthesia, this operation includes both abdomen tightening and abdomen fat removal applications. Because both abdominal muscles and sagging skin get deformed particularly, it may be very hard to regain the former form of the body. Mothers who intend to overcome this process more comfortably may have an abdominoplasty and they are going to look fitter. Abdomen tightening operations are classified in two groups like mini and full abdominoplasty. Your specialist physician shares the most suitable surgery method for you, after the first consultation.

Why do people have abdominoplasty?
  • Tightening the skin loosened after excessive weight loss  
  • Having a flat belly after pregnancy  
  • Getting rid of stubborn fats from abdominal region
  • Shaping the body
  • Having a tighter abdomen 
How is abdominoplasty applied?

When you watch a tummy tuck operation, you see how effective results it creates. Abdominoplasty is not as hard as you think. By making use of the state-of-the-art method Vaser Liposuction, excess fat in the abdominal region is sucked out. While fat removal operation is enough for some patients, abdominoplasty is recommended to those who have sagging due to excessive fat deposition. For the abdomen tightening operation, an incision that looks like a cesarean scar is made.  Thanks to this incision extending to the belly button, deformed skin with stretch marks in the belly is cut out and the abdominal skin is taken all the way up to the belly button. In the full abdominoplasty, the belly button is redesigned and a natural look is obtained in the abdominal region. Because only the drooping skin in the abdominal region is cut out for patients who have abdominoplasty after losing weight, no prominent scar will be left. Surgical scar is hidden beneath the underwear and is not visible when one wears a swimsuit. For patients who are not comfortable with the surgical scar, it can be treated with the fractional laser device.

Abdominoplasty recovery process

We recommend you to rest at home for the first 10 days after abdominoplasty. Wearing the corset recommended by your physician helps a faster recovery and reshaping in the abdominal region. After the first 3 days following the abdominoplasty, you can have a shower and start to have small walks at home. However, you need to rest for one week to 10 days to get back to business life.. You can get pregnant after abdominoplasty. But deformities may occur again in the abdominal region, after pregnancy. For this reason, patients who plan to get pregnant had better have abdominoplasty after giving birth.

How much does abdominoplasty cost?

Abdominoplasty prices cannot be shared on the Ministry of Health accredited website. Abdominoplasty and body shaping operations have different prices. For this reason, we recommend you to visit a physician to get a full idea about the prices of abdominoplasty. You can also call Quartz Poliklinik, located in İstanbul, Nişantaşı at  +905442684433, and learn abdominoplasty prices.